The intruder didn't answer and so she fired. Er war ein unbedeutender Kämpfer in England zur Zeit des Jakobitenaufstandes im 18. They drove through the countryside until the limo managed to swerve away from him. Although Tammy admitted she would never stop loving or wanting him, she didn't like the person that loving him was turning her into. Immediately realizing that Jonathan was in some kind of trouble, Tammy hurried over to Old Mill Road and rushed out to save Jonathan from the path of a speeding car. Afterwards, Jonathan and Lizzie went to the mansion to reclaim their daughter. Luckily, the pair was interrupted by Reva, who took an immediate disliking to JB. Afterwards, Nate encouraged Jonathan to give Reva and her family what they deserved, and suggested that he begin stealing money from Lewis Construction. And, uh, I think we're going to be okay. While Alan's guard was down, Jonathan secretly whisked Lizzie and the baby out of town. Understanding what it was like to be in trouble with loan sharks, Jonathan paid off the thug, but then informed Ava that she owed him and had to work for him until she paid off her debt. Alan then called for a truce, but Jonathan had doubts that Alan was sincere. Er spielte eine Rolle bei der Niederschlagung der Rebellion und wurde vom Herzog von Sandringham finanziell stark unterstützt. Lizzie and Jonathan ended up at Outskirts where they had a one-night stand. Jonathan left after Bill threatened to call security and send Alan after him. Although Sandy was finally able to contact Reva, by the time they found Jonathan and Tammy, it was too late; they'd made love. Eventually, Jonathan decided to give staying in Springfield a try to put Sarah in child care while he applied for a job at Lewis Construction. It didn't take long for everyone to realize Jonathan had the money, and Nate tried to pressure Jonathan to give him the money by pushing a water-phobic Jonathan into the water. Despite his reluctance, Reva goaded him into taking the trip, only for the pair to find his adoptive parents' home abandoned. During the discussion, Tammy realized she was partly to blame, since she had broken up with him. Jonathan was proven correct when he received a text message from Lizzie asking him to come to the Bauer cabin. He settled in Newtown, New York for several years. A mere day later, Tammy overheard a man describing Jonathan's car at a certain location--Old Mill Road. Tammy chose Sandy, and Jonathan stormed off. A little later, after realizing that Reva asked Josh to "babysit" him, Jonathan threatened to quit, but Josh didn't take the bait and left him alone with the company bank codes. Apparently, Jonathan's bone marrow donation had worked; it just took a while for Reva's immune system to kick in. View the profiles of people named Jonathon Randall. Later, there was more talk of babies when he discovered Tammy had been doing some research on genetics. During the course of the argument, Alan apparently suffered a heart attack and had been taken to the hospital. Alan was there to ensure that Jonathan stayed out of that baby's life. Later, Jeffrey convinced Assistant DA Doris Wolfe to drop the charges against Tammy. Join Facebook to connect with Jonathon Randall and others you may know. Despite this, Jonathan had papers drawn up sharing custody of Sarah with Lizzie. Bone marrow was extracted from Lizzie and Reva and they were given tattoos to cover the scars. Finding that the father was beating his daughter, Jonathan beat him with a shovel and thought he killed him. However, when a disbelieving Reva asked Jonathan for his version, he stated that he was just messing with Cassie--nothing had happened. Unfortunately, Jonathan's persuasive arguments came out as intimidation and the dean wouldn't budge- for Jonathan; Sandy had no problem getting the dean to allow Tammy back in. That very day, a furious Jonathan told Alan that he had already signed the document but since he insulted Jonathan's mother, all bets were off. Roger und Buck kehren nach Fort William zurück und Roger trifft sich mit Captain Randall. Unfortunately, Nate blamed Jonathan and angrily berated him. In 2007, Jonathan was all set to leave Lizzie when she suddenly starting acting depressed. Outlander That same day, a frantic Lizzie called Jonathan stating that her car had been stolen while Sarah was in it and Lizzie was in the chapel. She told him she discovered that since they were only half-cousins, the risk of defects in their children was very small. View the profiles of professionals named "Jonathan Randall" on LinkedIn. Later, as Lizzie and Jonathan were ready to toast to running off and raising Sarah together, Jonathan attempted to double-cross Lizzie by drugging her and taking off with Sarah. His father was knighted in the late 17th century, and was awarded a baronetcy by King George I. Randall stirbt am 16. Jonathan Randall is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light. While he recuperated, Sandy received several visits from a very menacing Jonathan, facing the man who purposely left him to die. It didn't take long for Jonathan to realize he was being set up and he got his payback by drugging Cassie. As for Jeffrey, it could be assumed that all contact with Jonathan had stopped. When Nate sensed Jonathan's reluctance to help him, he tore into Jonathan the way he'd always done. Zeit der Liebe. Jonathan threatened to tell Josh himself, but Reva said she'd tell Josh when he opened up about the baby. Hobby However, it didn't take long for Tammy to figure out that Lizzie was faking. Later, Jonathan received another ominous warning that made him fear for Reva's safety. Reva tried again to get him to claim his child, but Jonathan insisted because of his rotten childhood he'd be a rotten father. Meanwhile, Tammy continued to befriend Jonathan, who confessed to her that he suffered from dyslexia and later confessed to her that his trust fund was gone. Guiding Light Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Bill helped Jonathan sneak into the mansion, but as soon as they did, Bill tipped off the house security and two guards arrived and strong-armed Jonathan. A few weeks later, someone mysteriously set up a meeting between Jonathan and Tammy at the Lighthouse. Luckily, Reva managed to talk their way out of trouble. When Jonathan defied the order in order to talk to Tammy, he was promptly arrested. Reva was proud of him for doing the right thing, but all Jonathan cared about was Tammy. His father was knighted within the late 17th century, and was awarded a baronetcy by King George I. Aber das gehört wohl auch einfach dazu. 1805. Lizzie called Jonathan and asked him to meet her on Old Mill Road -- where Tammy was killed. Although Reva was quick to accept his story, Cassie didn't believe it and was angered that Reva so readily believed Jonathan. Alan got the upper hand and threatened to kill Jonathan, since he had nothing left to lose. Feeling alone and confused, Jonathan quit his job at Lewis and later trashed pictures of Reva in the Lewis house. Miraculously, she came back! Jedes weitere Verhör wird abgebrochen, als er bewusstlos geschlagen wird und die Frau nach dem Aufwachen verschwunden ist. Not long after, Jonathan finally decided it was time to get revenge against Alan, and asked Remy to get him an untraceable gun. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. Erfahrener Schwertkämpfer Luckily, Alan arrived just in time and shot the sheriff dead. Though Reva warned Jonathan not to return to town, he ended up doing just that. Outlander – starz, Tobias Menzies als Jonathan Black Jack Randall. Jonathan decided to be smart and pulled many pranks around town, leaving notes implying that Lizzie was involved. Afterwards, Jonathan saw Lizzie in deep conversation with a high school girl named Ashlee. Although she denied it at first, she admitted it was true. View Jonathan Randall’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Er ruft den Boten herbei, der sie gebracht hat, und lässt den Mann informieren, woher sie kommen. Though deeply tempted to give in to her own feelings, she resisted and pushed him away. Apparently, Sandy called the police station claiming that Jonathan threatened him and Sandy was afraid for his life. As Jonathan and Lizzie were looking at a sonogram of their perfectly healthy baby, Reva slipped away. Nachdem der Mann gegangen ist, fragt Roger Randall, ob er mit ihm beten möchte und obwohl er misstrauisch ist, stimmt er zu. Die Hochzeit The Wedding Beschreibung anzeigen. Apparently, Edmund’s main goal was to make Reva suffer. Und zum anderen will sie ihrer Tochter endlich die Wahrheit über ihren Vater sagen. Soon after, Jonathan came across a young battered woman named Ava hanging around Outskirts. Antagonist beziehungsweise Bösewicht der Serie Outlander ist der brutale und wahnsinnige Jonathan Randall, ein Vorfahre.. Outlander-Fans zogen aus Casting-Meldungen häufig Rückschlüsse auf die Handlung. Days later, Lizzie tried to buy his silence, but he wasn't interested in money - -he wanted her to introduce him to Tammy Winslow. Randall came to be at Culloden because he was an English soldier and was stationed there at the time. After the procedure, Jonathan confessed to Reva that not only did he finally feel like her son, he finally wanted to be a part of his daughter's life. Als er ihren gebildeten englischen Akzent hört, wird Randall misstrauisch gegenüber ihrer Anwesenheit in den abgelegenen schottischen Highlands. Although she intended for Reva to come, Jonathan's new friend and Cassie's rival, Dinah Marler, unexpectedly derailed the plan. Wondering about Jonathan, Reva broke into Olivia's room to get his phone number and, after speaking with Jonathan (by pretending she was doing a survey), she got his address, and she and Richard flew to the Randalls' to see their son. Alias Again, she tried to persuade him to acknowledge his daughter. Horrified that he put events in motion that led to her killing Sandy, Tammy railed against Jonathan and left. Im Schottland des Jahres 1739 wird Captain Jonathan Randall nach Fort William übertragen und löst so Captain Buncombe ab. Er fragt Roger, was sie sind und Roger sagt ihnen, dass es ein Zauber ist, um die Seele zu bewahren. The message turned out to be fake and two goons grabbed Jonathan and shoved him into a car while Alan took Sarah. Eine solide Geschichte, wenn auch nicht meine liebste. Auf der Jagd nach einer Gruppe von Highland-Viehräubern stößt Captain Jonathan Randall von den Acht Dragonern seiner Majestät auf eine Frau namens Claire Fraser, die in ihrer Unterwäsche über die Landschaft streift. Sein Vater wurde im späten 17. Die Hochzeitsnacht verbringen die beiden damit sich kennenzulernen und Erinnerung zu den Ereignissen vor der Hochzeit auszutauschen, während der Rest der Gruppe darauf wartet, dass sie die Ehe vollziehen. After assuring Reva he'd fix it, Jonathan demanded that Lizzie lie and say she gave Ashlee the illegal booze, or he'd go to Coop with news of their one-night stand. Thanks to Cassie, Jonathan was under arrest for arson. Fearful of Darla's next move, Jonathan turned down the offer, but changed his mind when he saw Darla hone in on Tammy. Jonathan war der zweite Sohn von Sir Denys Randall und Jessica Wolverton. However, no one knew this, especially not Tammy. With Jonathan and Lizzie being watched, Jonathan was forced to sneak around with Tammy. Later, Jonathan received another threatening message, reminding him that someone was watching him. Geschichte Persönliche Geschichte. Die Geschichte setzt nach Ende der zweiten Staffel an. It stars Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a married former World War II nurse who in 1945 finds herself transported back to Scotland in 1743. Unfortunately, there was a snowstorm and Jonathan's car was stuck. The couple then began to make love, but was interrupted by an urgent call for Tammy telling her Sandy had been electrocuted. Jonathan revealed that it was the only way to get Alan off his back forever. At the same time, Lizzie lured Jonathan to Old Mill Road, and offered to hand over Sarah to him there. Jonathan was then left to deal with the death of the only father he'd ever had. They had at least 4 children, inclusing a Jonathan. With Tammy out of the room Jonathan not-so-subtly revealed to Sandy that he and Tammy were going to have sex. She then quickly reassured him that children were far off in their future. Later, Jonathan learned that Tammy had been expelled from college because of the arson charges, and attempted to talk the dean into letting her back in. However, Reva hurt him by trying to convince him and Tammy that Sandy was the more stable choice for Tammy. Unbeknownst to Shayne, Jonathan was actually talking to Jeffrey who kept in touch with him for several weeks. Jonathan was able to revive Jeffrey who warned him that Edmund was a danger to everyone that Reva loved. Meanwhile, Jonathan learned that Wolfe was investigating Lewis Construction, as well. The group ran in to find Lizzie with a gun and Alan lying on the floor. However, Jonathan quickly realized something was wrong when he couldn't get a hold of Sarah, and dropped everything to storm over to the day care facility. Unfortunately, Blake refused to sell the house to him and instead sold it to Sandy. Cassie freaked, assuming her nephew was attacking her daughter but was stunned when Tammy announced that it was consensual. Jonathan was the son of John and Experience (Willis) Randall who both died in the 1760's in Easton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, no burials located. Convinced he'd lost Tammy, he broke into her empty dream-house and prepared to set it on fire. Luckily, Lizzie saw the goons stuff Jonathan inside the trunk and rescued him by knocking the goons out. As they decided to keep the news from Lizzie, a jittery Lizzie arrived and told them about a strange nursery that Alan had at the mansion.