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sell containers

In order to be able to sell your container successfully, we recommend taking the following points into consideration:

  • Correct categorisation: please choose the right container category carefully.
  • Choose the right cover photo: the cover photo is decisive for the success of the sale.
  • High-quality photos: good overall view, bright interior shots, clean and tidy workplaces
  • Precise description: use the unlimited number of characters in the text description
  • For container units: choose the premium listing so you can upload 10 photos - this increases the chances of a sale.

In case of a successful sale: please remove the advertisement - also to avoid unnecessary contacts

Ad categories:

  1. Standard advertisements: free of charge, can be extended free of charge every 30 days, 4 photos can be uploaded.
  2. Premium ads: EUR 29 + VAT for every 30 days

Premium ads offer the following advantages:

  • Better ranking (Premium ads are ranked higher in the respective categories)
  • Optical highlighting: the premium ad is highlighted by special marking
  • Number of photos: 10 photos instead of 4 photos can be uploaded - is especially relevant for new containers and container facilities!