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Information for sellers

  • GEBRAUCHTCONTAINER.COM serves as a platform to enable advertisers and sellers of containers to make direct contact with interested parties and buyers. Customary market criteria help buyers to specify their needs and thus supply and demand can be brought together in the best possible way.

    To increase reach and awareness, the platform www.gebrauchtcontainer.com is advertised on the following channels:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Daily newspapers (e.g. advertisements in DIE PRESSE)
  • via all social media channels of our partner companies

When using the sales function for the first time, registration is necessary at:


  1. We offer two categories of advertisements:

    Standard advertisement: this is free of charge and can be renewed as often as you like at no cost.
  2. Premium advertisement: this increases your chances of selling and offers the following advantages over the standard advertisement:
  • optimised ranking: Premium ads are always ranked ahead of Standard ads
  • Optical highlighting of the advertisement
  • 10 photos instead of 4 photos possible
  • You can convert a Standard ad into a Premium ad at any time.